Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Words and their power

So if I have learned one thing from having the blog for a couple of months, it's that people take every word of it for real. Sometimes, the way that people tell me that they read my blog, you would think that God himself had taken time out of his day to right this thing. If you know me, like most people who read this blog, I'm not a very serious person, most of the time. There are somethings that I discuss on here that point no fingers and get right to the point. They are serious in tone and manner. But, the majority of the stuff written on here is stupid stuff that goes on in my life. Some of the details are exaggerated, some or not. Sometimes it's just a case of you having to have been there to get how stupid and "out of hand" me and my friends can get. Let's not forget, that I write as it comes out of my head, not everything gets the double check or even edited for that matter. So if I say anything that offends you, gets under your skin, or you feel as though you are being attacked in general, please drop me an e-mail, come talk to me, before you assume anything. Because, as my tells me to this day....."When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME......

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