Thursday, June 09, 2005

A new summer

So yesterday while I was at home I decided to get caught up with my good friend TIVO.....I love him. I started with a show called "Blow Out" for those who don't know this show was on about a year ago and then it followed hair stylist Jonathan Antin and the troubles of opening a new salon in Beverley Hills. was drama, it was hair, it was fabulous. So this season is about Jonathan designing a new hair care product line. I have to say that I wasn't that happy with the first show. I wanted more. More drama, more hair, but instead I got Jonathan and that was about it. He was so into himself the entire show that I actually got turned off a little bit. Then, he showed up, Alyn. A fellow hair designer that works in Jonathans Beverly Hills salon. He also owns his own salon in Chicago, where supposedly he is big stuff. He is so cute and dreamy that I have found my reason to keeping watching the show.
Next, Queer as Folk. I kind of had a fall out with this show around season 3 and or 4. I don't know what happened, but I just stopped watching it. The characters, the plots, all of it just became too much. But seeing as this is the last season of the show, I figured, I was there in the beginning so I'll be there in the end. I will never forget when the show first aired. I was at home doing a break or something from college and I hadn't come out yet. So I would stay up late to catch the rerun at 12 o'clock and I would turn the volume down really low, as to not wake anyone, all the while praying that my mom didn't walk in on me watching the show. My finger always on the channel button, just in case. To be young again. Anywho....side note. The show is so good this season. I miss all the gay sex, and the drama that comes along with it. The characters seem to have come a long way since the days of not having a comic book and or working at some crazy ad agency. Also, please note Pittsburgh is in no way like that. After living there for almost a year, trust I never saw any of the boys like the ones on the show.
So next, Sports Kids Mom's and Dad' in a previous blog I talked about my love for Show Dogs Mom's and Dad's....same concept here, but instead of acting all crazy with animals this time it's kids. The show is so good already. You have a 5 kids that are basically living these crazy lives, all because their parents didn't make their dream of becoming the next big sports thing. My fav so far are the cheerleader’s mom, her daughter is 8 and her mom is crazy. Then there is the figure skater's mom, her son in 16 and she is nuts. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So after a great new show, I settled in for Queer Eye. This show is so good, and especially after so many episodes. You would think that after so many make-overs it would all get old. Not so, somehow they figure out a way to bring a tear to my eye and a laugh out of my mouth.
All in all, Bravo deserves a standing O.....thank you for choosing to show new stuff in a summer that is filled with repeats of shows past. I loved the OC the first time around, I'll pass on a second helping.

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