Monday, June 06, 2005

Once in a while

So this past weekend didn't really see that much activity as past. On friday me and the girls gathered to have a "women empowering" movie night. We decided that before the season really gets into gear we should clear our heads and get back to "one". We started off with a great movie and a lot of food, "What's Love Got to Do With It". If you have not seen this movie, I beg of you to put your shame away for one day and let your soul live. My homegirl Angela Bassett does an amazing job of playing a Soul Surviving Sister Tina Turner. The acting plus the show stopping dance and music numbers really did a number on us and you can believe that there were tears flowing.....Next, we moved on up hill to another great Sister movie, "Waiting To Exhale". Again if you have not seen this movie dust your inner diva off and rent it. If you don't know about the wonderful Terry McMillan book and equally great movie, it is about four "sisters" that deal with various issues from men to their own personal problems. Of course all four of the girls fit neatly into one of the four characters....I'll let you guess were we ended up. With two movies behind us we called it a nite.
Sat, after throwing up for several hours after coming home friday nite...3am-3pm, this happens when you eat too many of your feelings, we decided to head over to Chuck's for some pre-drinks and then make our way to Cobalt. All in all, a good nite.
Sun...found me waking up a little later then expected. I was spending the day in VA beach with my mom. Her and various other parts of my extended family had made the trek from St. Louis to VA Beach for a week long vaca. I hadn't seen my mom since sometime in Feb, when I went home for work. We only got to spend a little time together because I brought co-workers home for dinner, so I was really looking forward to seeing her. I got up around 8:30, the original plan had me up and on the road by 7:30....not happening after a nite out with the girls and all. So I finally hit the road around 9ish and it was a gorgeous day for driving. I had never driven south of Fredicksburgh, Va before so this was going to something new for me. All in all, a really smooth ride. There was barley any traffic and I got to drive over water. I don't know what it is about driving over water, but it always makes things for me a little calmer. I love it....anyway side not..... My mom and others were camping with a newly acquired camper and truck...both of which I was interested in seeing. Seeing my mom is always a great time for me. My mom and I have such a great relationship. I can talk to her about anything, unlike my other siblings. We had a long discussion about life in general. We talked about death, life and being gay. Ever since I came out to my mom, it's been interesting. Although she knows, I think that she would be happier not knowing. She is for the most part, just not happy that I'm gay. I think that she always thought that I would be the one of her kids to live the "great american life"...go to school, get a job, a wife, and then kids. We'll I've done most of that except the wife and kids part oh and the job part for right now.....but the conversation was the first real one that we've had since I told her I was gay almost 3yrs ago. We discussed the difference between those who choose to be "gay" and those who are born "gay". In the end I think that all points were taken on both sides and if anything we grew that much closer. After having dinner with the fam I took off for a three hour drive into the sun set. It was beautiful.
In all, the weekend was just what I needed. Relaxing, soul searching and stress free....God, I wish there were more like it.

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