Thursday, June 02, 2005

What's Metro

When I first moved here I was so excited about the idea of riding a train to work everyday. I mean it's the thing that you see in all the great old movies, you know people being all metropolitan and getting on the train to commute to and fro. I even went so far as to map out my way to get to the Metro....driving to the station, where I would park, how much time that would take and what not. Then to top it all off I even drove almost the same route that my train would take to get me to my destination, finding the station and all. I was so excited.
The first day my stomach was filled with butterflies. I got up extra early, just in case my whole timing thing didn't work out, and got myself to the metro station with no worries. I bought my ticket and stood on the platform ready to start my day. I looked around and thought "the train must be late today". Then I realized that trains were going in two different directions and that I had no clue which way was correct. So I quickly called my DC tour guide, Chris, and got myself on the correct side. I saw the train and the excitement built up inside of me so great I could barely breath. The train pulled in and the door stopped a couple of steps away from and then it started. This stampede that did not end. I was pushed and pulled in all directions. No "excuse me", no "pardon me", nothing....just people pushing and elbowing. I finally got onto the train and took and deep breath and thought " I can't wait to do that again."
Everyday, coming and going, I felt this way. I couldn't get enough of the Metro. I lived for it. The pushing, the shoving, the no "pardon me's". And the experience inside the train was just as great. I'm a huge people watcher so what better place to do so then inside a "tin-can" with an ever changing background and cast of characters.
But just like all good things, when you have too much of something you soon tire of it. I started dating a great guy and soon actually lived with him for about a month. His place was so convenient. I could walk to work, to bars, and even friends house's. It was great. I no longer need to drive, worry about the timing of trains and all the pushing and shoving and the no "pardon me's". I actually grew into someone who hated the Metro. I was a city liver now, I didn't need Public transportation, PT, as my old boss would call it.
Now, I'm no longer dating the great guy that has the convenient apt. So it's back to the Metro for me. It's only been three days and I hate it.....the pushing, the shoving, the no "pardon me's" I miss none of it. Instead, I long for the free and open streets, the sound of buses and cars quickly going to and fro and me just taking my time and living the city life...

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