Monday, June 13, 2005

Pride and Proud

This past weekend was Capitol Pride. I love Pride week so much, because you get to see so many people that don't usually come out to the bars and/or streets. Me and the girls actually started our Pride week on Tues (see blog) so when friday came around of course we were ready to go. We decided to start at Chucks place with a couple of drinks before we hit the streets. Then it was off to Cobalt. Not going to lie, we gave it to the fans hard and then some. Some had religious experiences, "Get Up", I live for it. Others had some other kinds of experiences, he had a boyfriend and that's all I'll say. So needless to say Friday really kicked things off the right way.
After a slow start on Sat. morning.....some watched porn, while others tried to re-tell stories....we decided to hit the streets and do a little shopping before the parade. Side note....I'm a little disappointed with this summer's fashion assortment for men. Everywhere you go; H&M, Gap, Snatchercrombie, Express, everywhere.....just disappointment all around. Anywho....after the shopping or lack there of, we decided it best to rest up a little and wait for the storm that was about to hit a little place called Velvet Nation, and by rest up I mean drink a lot (don't drink 151 and then go out into the sun, not a good idea). We made our way down to the parade and like last year only saw a tad bit, before deciding to go into JR's and watch or not watch from there. After some drinking, watching naked boys pass by on floats, and some touching of strangers, we went home to regroup for the rest of the nite. Now, for those of you who know me, I love going to Nation when there is a good DJ and of course I always have a good time, "always". But, this time around me and the girls were forced into a situation that is very unfamiliar to us, being "sober" at Velvet. Please, don't think we didn't try, cause some would say that we were on a such a mission that we could've worked for the CIA, but that is neither here nor there. I have to say all in all, it was probably one the best times I have ever had at that place, besides when Tom Stephan was there.....a DJ saved my life that nite. We burned a hole in that damn dance floor and it probably will not be the same for some time. Side note #2.....dear Chris Cox, you are a very good DJ, I like you. But, if you ever try to pull that guitar shit again at a gay establishment, I will not only come on stage and beat you to death with it, I will also ask for my money back. Anywho....the nite ended around 5am and it was time for some rest before our final performance on Sunday.
When I woke up on Sunday my body ached, as though I had just got out of plastic surgery. I thought that Sunday would be a day that would just go by kind of slow, maybe some sitting in the Circle, catching up on last nite and then a little later going down to the festival, and ending it with Jr's.....oh not,not the way it went at all, not with the bitches I know. I got a call from Bernie telling me that we were going to meet some friends at brunch. I don't know if I've ever talked about brunch, but we go to this place called the Beacon. It's amazing, the food, the service, and on top of all that it's all you can eat and DRINK for $17.95. When you start your day with an all you can drink brunch, you are bound to be in for all kinds of SHENANIGANS from; who can give the best head, to talk of eating was all there and it was all fabulous and amazing. After brunch we hit up Universal Queer for some eye protection. Afterwards, we hit the Pride Festival just in time to hear our girl Deborah Cox. Girlfriend was looking fierce and her voice was amazing....I live for her and can't wait to see her again in two weeks in San Fran. After staying in the heat for as long as we could, some of us sweat way too much for our own good....damn was time to hit up our usual Sunday nite spot, Jr's. With $2 vodka drinks flowing and good friends all around, I decided to call it a nite around 9pm.
This morning I got to thinking and laughing about this past weekend and all that went on. In the end I realized that Pride is so much more then just some great parties and a parade, it's about friends. Without them, there would be nothing to be Proud of....

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