Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Today while running some errands with Chaz, this woman in the bank was having a complete breakdown, in the middle of the bank. I kept telling Chaz how someone should go over there and slap her back into reality. I told him how women, especially women, should not have break downs in public. A lady, does not cry or show emotions in public, instead she will wait until she is in the privacy of her own bedroom, and only then cry if it's necessary. As much as I was joking at the time, I was being kind of serious. Think about it, if someone was there to slap Mariah a little sooner, we wouldn't have had to sit thru "Charm Bracelet" and "Glitter". Instead she had a break down in public and did all that stupid shit. Finally someone walked in her room and slapped that bitch back into reality. Now, we have the "Emancipation of MiMi", which is among one of her best albums, yet. Whitney is the same way. If someone would have slapped her back to reality when she met Bobby Brown, she would have never gotten married to that crack head. There would have been no crack sweats on national TV or during concerts and/or award shows. It seems with her, that someone is there trying to slap her just a little bit,maybe afraid to hurt her or her voice, but I just don't think that they are doing it hard enough. The bitch needs a good ol'e Black mama slap. You know the kind you got when you rolled your eyes or accidentally said "shit" or "fuck" to your mom. And, she back-handed the shit out of you. That's what Whitney needs, anyone up for slapping that bitch??

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