Friday, June 03, 2005


So last nite Bernie and myself decided that we would check out a local bar called Apex. On Thursday nite's Apex host college nite, which means that entrance is free with a college idea or $5 without...either way a good deal. Now, one goes there to hear a variety of music. In one room you can dance the night away to Janet's latest single or you can opt for a little more up tempo and hit the dance floor hard to a little Tom Stephan.
I go for the R&B, cause here in DC it's not common for clubs to really play a lot of rap and/or R&B. The r&b room is a little small, but it works especially after a long work week and all you want to do is dance the week away and say hello to the weekend. As soon as you enter the room you are greeted by something that may not be so common; teenage boys. Because it's college nite, you only have to be 18+ to get in, which is either a good thing or a bad one. For me it's bad.
The room being the size that it is, is not very conducive to pre-teen Queens jumping up and down to Britney's latest. As I looked around, in the over crowded room, last nite I started to notice something, most of the boys that were there all had something in common; either they were wearing hollister t-shirt's, bronzer, and/or some kind of eye make-up. What the hell is going on.
I don't know if it's cause I'm a jaded, bitter, queen or what, but when I was growing up fags did not act like this. We were a different breed. No make-up, no tight t-shirts, and def. no long hair that came with product and highlights. These boys, they can only be called that, are so different. OBVI, it's a different time and place, but is it really that much different. Sure gays are on TV nowa day's, and you can even see guys having sex together if you and or your parents shell out the $70 a month for cable. But, we still live in a world were racism still exist, gays get beat for holding each other's hands in public, and innocent people day each day. So as much as time is changing, is it really time or "Gays" that are changing.....

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