Thursday, June 09, 2005

Pride is in the air

So yesterday I was not in any kind of mood or ability to be at work....a bit hungover I have to say.
It all started on Tues. nite when I met a friend out for a couple of after-work drinks at the awesome Mexican restaurant, Lauriol Plaza. If you have not been I suggest you get right real quick and check it out. The food is ok, but the drinks are to kill for. They probably have one of the best frozen margaritas that I have ever had. Anywho....we can talk later about these matters. So after a half-pitcher and a bowl of chips and salsa I parted ways with my friend and was on my way home to watch some TV....that will have to be another blog cause Bravo is not holding back this summer bitches......As I stated to walk I thought I should call Chuck to see what he was doing. I actually felt guilty for not calling him earlier b/c he lives across the street from where the drinking of said fabulous margaritas took place...anywhosit....I decided to meet up with Chuck on the street to catch up, but as things tend to happen we were walking past Jr's and as fate would have it stepped in to see what was going on. Bad idea..... I was pretty drunk by the time I met up with Chuck, that damn Jose, so drinking more was probably not the smartest thing. So after a couple of drinks and some SPS....check out the link, we left there only to return again after finding the scene at Halo a bit of a downer. Now any decent person would have told me to stop drinking and take my ass home, not Chuck, that bitch, like me loves chaos and mischief, so we had a couple more and decided that it was time to go.
By now the fire is already going pretty strong and one knows how hard it is to put a forest fire out after it's been going for a while, so I called Nard up and decided to pick him up and head back out. We met up with some friends from B'more and Chuck again, of course, and headed to a place that I had never been before, Windows aka DIK bar. Now our friends from B'more are a little crazy, one in particular, Jamie. Everytime I'm around him I get drunk without fail. I love him to death, but my body can not handle him. So after being there for a while, and of course I was wicked drunk by now, a couple of Jamie drinks in me only produced one thing....the crazies. I don't even remember getting was like ooooo I'm a little drunk to oh my god I am pass out drunk right now. So anywho, after a couple more drinks, some karoke, not me...others, and a drag queen feeling me up as though I was going out of style, we left the bar, well some of us, not me. I stayed behind to talk with a man that I remember having braces and no lisp....weird I know. After discussing who know's what....I left DIK bar to meet up with the ladies at Cobalt. That's were things get a little fuzzy......I remember going into said club and I remember leaving said club, it's the middle that is neither here nor there.
Anywho, I woke up the next moring to find myself dressed head to toe in full gear and at 11am. I'm a mess, I know.

You think that I would have had enough on Tues., but oh no....not this queen. Yesterday, after doing a bunch of stuff around the house, mostly getting caught up with TIVO, I found out that a certain someone was headed back down from B'more to give the fans a little more. So last nite me, Nard, and Chaz went to Jr's for a couple of drinks and then over to Chaos for hip-hop nite. It's really ladies night, but calling it hip-hop nite makes me feel so much better, not really into the whole carpert movement. After sweating to death for about an hour we finally met up with Jamie and gave the fans a little something....there was the one armed shimmy, gold chains on shoulders and some fierce hair. All in all it was a good nite.
So now it's time for the real party to begin. That was all just a warm up for what's about to come. Pride is upon us and that can only mean one thing.....DC watch out because it's about to get outta hand.

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Chuck said...

While I am peeing myself and laughing hysterically, my body is quivering thinking about how much pain it will be in on Monday morning!