Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I have a mistress

So...his name is Oscar and I love that he only comes around once a year. I'm way too tired when he leaves.....he is so needy and he takes so long, like he can go for hours.

In case you didn't know Oscar nominations were announced this morning, which by the way is why I was late to work...damnn Today show. I love them so much, because all year people have been seeing movies and stupid critics weigh in with their opinions and then all of the sudden Oscar comes out of nowhere and he has the final say. As usual I haven't seen many of the pics nominated. Of the ones that I have seen...

BrokeBack Mountian-
Loved it. One of the best Movies that I have seen in a very long time. Of course my bf Jakie G was awesome to look at, but it was a story of much more then just "gay cowboys". I think that Heath and Michelle stand the best chance at winning in their categories. I believe that the movie will win best-adopted screenplay, best film, and best director. THE END

My home girl Felicity is amazing in this movie and should win.....if that slut Reese doesn't sneak in somehow. If you haven't seen this movie do it now...it was a lot funnier then I imagined.

This is a movie that everyone should have to see...sort of like Roots. It is that important. The entire cast is so good, but unfortunately I think it will walk away empty handed in the major categories. Still, if you haven't seen it, go rent it.

Then of course there is all the other movies that I will need to devote two weekends to; either renting DVD’s or going to the movies. Capote, Good Night Good Luck, Syriana, Hustle and Flow, Walk the Line...and a bunch more.

To everyone nominated....I say Good Luck, and if you need a date, I'm free that day.


Taylor said...

I heard that Crash was great. I liked Brokeback and Capote ... and LOVED Walk the Line. I'm not gonna lie, I love me some Reece Witherspoon. Maybe because we share roots in 'da South.

Transamerica is piquing my interest, too ... methinks I'll have to see that, too.

TOS said...

You forgot Best Cinematography for BB mountain - that should be the easiest win for them IMHO...