Sunday, January 08, 2006

A helping hand

So today the roomie and I watched Extreme Home Makeover and I have to say that I was overwhelmed by all the emotions that were on that show. I actually try to make it a rule not to watch on a regular basis, because I know that I will just end up in a emotional mess. The end
The show this week for those of you who did not see it was about a family from Kansas whose house blew up because there was a propane leak in the house. Luckily they were on vacation when it happened so no one was injured. Unfortunately, they were on vacation so they had to come home to this big ass hole in the ground. That would suck.....I could not imagine coming home to something like that...let alone knowing that I have to come home to nothing. What the hell would you do??
Long story short, they got a bomb ass house and a bunch of other stuff like a full 4yr ride to K-State...I think.
The whole time I was watching it, I just kept thinking how luck Ty is to have a job where he can help people out. Then I started to think about my life and job and how I in some small way get to help people out. Granted I don't build anyone a house.....the only thing I've ever built was a dust pan in metal shop in 8th grade...which I end up cutting my finger on. Oh well....anyway the point is that I love that I get to help out....but I also feel like I should do more.
What that more is....I don't know. Maybe, volunteer at some place......who knows. I just know that I feel like I have a ton more to do in this life and if that involves helping others...then I'm more then willing to lend a hand.

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