Thursday, February 09, 2006

Something kind of Random's to catching you up to speed.

1) Might go down to NOLA (that new orleans...for those that don't know)Found this awesome site. There is also a lot more stuff on the website. In case you don't click on the's a link to Habitat for Humanity NOLA and specifically for St. Bernard Parish. If I go, it will be from Feb. 26-March 4th. A co-worker is also interested in going, so this could be an awesome time to share with someone else. Wish us luck....we have to ask for the time off. Even if I can't go this time around, look for me to be down there sometime after April. I really wasn't kidding when I said that I want to help out.

2) Valentine's Day is coming up and yours truly is a big fan of the holiday. I know that it's a commercial holiday....but aren't all holidays? I mean really....Mary did not give Jesus a chocolate bunny when he came out of the tomb...
Anywho, I can't tell you what I'm doing, but it's going to be great....I will report more after the day

3) I've been a real bitch lately.....something's in the wind and I have a feeling that it's here to stay. BTW....what's wrong with being a bitch?

4) Starting today until Sunday one of my gurls is celebrating her I'm sure that come next week I will have plenty-o stories.

And now for a comment from your local station.....

I understand that I will never know the full effects of Hurricane Katrina or Rita, I don't live in the south. I do know that I want to help and that there are a million other people out there just like me that want to lend a hand. The thing that makes me the most upset is seeing these people have to beg for help from the gov't. I am not one to get into a political debates about this gov't or past...don't take that as I don't get involved.....but it's time for people to wake up. It's not going to happen, no matter how many times someone gets on TV and says that he/she promises that help is on the way. LIES!!! If being away from my family for well over 7yrs has taught me anything, it's that you have to help yourself before anyone else can. I'm sure that there are people who live in hurricane devastated areas who are doing things for themselves....but my one warning is don't wait too long for help, for if you do, the city that you once loved, will be gone.


Taylor said...

my employer is doing a "spring break" trip to new orleans as well, but alas, my job will not permit me to be one of the ones to tag along. i think that it's great that you're taking initiative and going.

i missed the grammys last night but heard that they were ... interesting.

have fun this weekend!

Hateful, Party of One said...

There ain't nothin' wrong with being a bitch.