Sunday, January 08, 2006

Are you ready for some football

So the entire weekend was pretty much lived by watching football......well the week and the weekend.
For those of you who don't know me, I love college football....don't ask me to explain, because I really can't. I remember that I originally started watching football as a way to have something to discuss with straight guys that I would meet in college my freshman year. In all honesty I had started watching football my freshman year of high school.....Yes, I was a band geek. I played in the marching band all four years of high school and decided that I would try to continue the same in college. Not being that involved with the sport in high school I knew the basic rules, but knew that if I were to go to a large school, like I wanted to, that I would need to know a bit more about the game in order to hold conversations with people....most likely because I wasn't ready to come out and at the time I thought that straight guys only talked about football.
So anywho....I got accepted to Purdue and end up watching my first Purdue football game that Christmas of my senior year in high school, The Alamo Bowl. At the time, Drew Brees was the quarterback at Purdue and all I remember about that game was how I could not turn away from it. There was something about the excitement, the unknown, the win or lose factor......I sat in front of that TV for three hours and walked away thinking that I can't wait to see this stuff live. I was hooked.
From that moment on I couldn't get enough of college football. The next four years I spent in the marching band, with front row seats to some of the best times of my life...from nail bitters with 75,000 people, to bowl trips in California. I loved every minute of if.
So here we are today, three years after college and I still love college football. Trying to watch every game that I can catch...of course mostly Purdue, but also other games, including some amazing feats this past week. If you didn't see any of the BCS games, you missed some great football that the BCS hasn't seen for a very long time......shouts out to all my Big Ten hommies.....Penn St, OSU....thank you for carrying the torch that is Big Ten football.
And, with the college football season coming to an end...the NFL playoffs stepped right in to take up that lack of time that I was sure was coming for me on my lonely Saturdays. With the home team in the playoff picture still I'm sure that my Saturdays and memorable moments aren't coming to an end any time soon.

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