Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Things that come and go

So the other day while watching TV a commercial for "Everybody Loves Raymond" came on. It was talking about how it was the last episode and that got me thinking about all the shows that I've seen come and go. I think the first one I remember was Silver Spoons, little Ricky Schroeder. Then there was Whose the Boss, I tell you what that Tony Danza was some looker back in the day. Then came Saved by the Bell, 90210, the Cosby's, A different world, Senfield, Sex and the City and a host of others. If our lives were measured in TV time, I would be way past ancient....I think that I would have lived multiple lives by now. Thank God there not.

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*~*Michelle*~* said...

OMG, I *loved* Silver Spoons! Remember the train that went through the house, and Jason Bateman being on there as a friend? *Sigh...I love that show!