Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Life Ruiner

So today at my job some co-workers and I were saying how we are life ruiners. We had to call students today that got deferred to the university until Spring admissions. Some of the kids I talked to took the news pretty well, wanting to know what they could do to further their chances to get into the university, while others were completely devastated. So in a sense "life ruiners". Some of this kids were hoping so much that they would get a letter in the mail that would say "Welcome", instead they will get a letter that says "You are on Hold".
I really love my job, but happen to hate this part because it is the side of human emotion that comes along with it but no one every really talks about. Kind of like relationships.
In yesterdays post(which btw, I know was a little heavy)I talked about how Tony's trust in me is shook. Well that's the thing...we never talked about the trust or lack thereof that we had for each other or our relationship. Instead, we took for granted that the other person could be trusted with no questions asked. Was that the right thing to do? Should we all enter relationships with little stickers that say "please let me know right now if I can't trust you"....or any other of the questions that never really come up.
In saying this, I guess the point is that we never really thing about the bad times that we might have with a person we are in a relationship with. Instead, we focus on all the positives....at least until the negatives happen. Which leads me to ask...."Is not asking questions, a Life Ruiner??"

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