Wednesday, June 28, 2006

When's the last time you enjoyed yourself

So.....I just came back from seeing Superman Returns and was thinking on the way home about stuff I should write about. I know, I lead a very exciting life. LOL!!!!

Superman was really good. I'm a huge fan of comic books, so it's nice to see the stuff that I grew up on come to life on the big screen. As I'm watching the movie, I get to thinking about how this movie in particular makes one forget about the daily in's and out's of life. Instead, you get lost in the movie, thinking about how this was done and what would it be like if that really could happen. You find yourself enjoying life.........
So many times we get caught up in what we have to do next, what has yet to be done or even what wasn't done. Sometimes it's just nice to enjoy yourself.

While leaving the movie several people committed on how the movie was "just ok"......"it wasn't anything spectacular." Some even commented that the movie could have been better. But, as these people were dissing this well made film, I got to thinking about a time when people would have been awe struck at what was displayed in this movie. We have all seen movies like it....Jurassic Park, Batman, Willow, Star Wars....just to name a few, movies that made us forget. What happened to those times......when did we become a society that needed to see reality played out in front of us. What happened to just enjoying yourself at the theatre??? How have we become so far removed from a society that once was in awe of "Technicolor"?

I won't attempt to answer these questions; instead I will let you ponder. I have my own thoughts, but for now, I'll just sit back and enjoy.

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Taylor said...

I remember being that way at the Indiana Jones movies, especially the Last Crusade. Oh, and Back to the Future, too.

There are still some movies that I like to get lost in. I watched Boogie Nights Sunday, which always makes me long to be my age in the late 70s. What does that say about me? Eh, whatever, I love the music and clothes.