Monday, June 26, 2006

So what happened

So Pride has come and gone. And well, it was another Pride in the books. What can I say.
Friday got Spletty at a place called Mr. Blacks, where the bar backs walk around with no pants or underwear on. For those of you who haven't been to said bar, it's like a bar in someone's basement. Actually, more like a den. I have been a couple of times and each time I get very drunk and remember the next day how much I disliked the music. The drinks are always good, but the music could use some help.
Saturday found me extremely hung over and lying in bed falling asleep twice. I only got up in the middle to go meet a friend for coffee. After coffee, I decided that I needed a restart, waking back up three hours later and heading to another bar. This time around I decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to spend the next day in bed, so I decided to have one beer and call it an early night.
Sunday started bright and early. A friend was having a parade watching party that started at 10am. Needless to say, this lady likes her sleep, so I didn't get over there until 11ish. All I have to say is that drinking from 11 until 6 is never a good idea. If anything you find yourself at another party at 7pm and hating life. LOL!!!!!!

So, no big parties this year. No dancing with my girls and burning holes in someone's dance floor. And, no rush thru airports to catch an ealier flight. If anything, this years Pride was the tamest of the bunch. Perhaps, it was for the best. Maybe as I get older Pride becomes something that I celebrate year around or maybe even in those random moments when it just feels great to be Proud of where you are in life.

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Bernie said...

Or maybe some broke ass bitches (myself included) can get their act together to make Pride '07 make SanFran Pride '05 look like a Topeka Ladies Auxiliary Club Meeting.