Wednesday, September 21, 2005

LA- Day2

Sorry for not writing this last nite.....

My Monday started very early. I got up at 5:30 to cut my hair and to make sure that I was up for my 8:30 appointment at an all girl school. For the most part my morning went well. I got to the school with no problems what so ever....even had time to stop at Jack n' the Box.....I love it. Got to my first school and started my career officially as an Admissions Counselor.
My first meeting with a high school guidance counselor was interesting. All I had to do was smile and all the sudden this older women, who had been working in education since 1970, poured her heart out to me about higher education. We talked for some time about the raising cost of education and those that will eventually left out, because of it. This woman displayed a passion that one rarely sees. She was so committed to getting the students in her school, which by the way was mostly Latinos, to a college. She repeatedly told me that everyday she stresses to her students that without an education, nothing will come to you. After we had our wonderful conversation, I finally got to met with my first student on the road. She was a quite girl who had only a few questions about the University. I went through my normal routine and that was fireworks, no champagne popping in the background, just a whiff of air.
I left the school feeling like a complete failure. I just visited my first school and came out feeling like I did nothing at all. It was horrible. I then had a conversation with myself and tried to figure out why that was so non-climatic. In the end I chalked it up to me not being me. I went in there and talked as though I was some robot, sent on one mission and given specific instructions. That's not me. I love talking about higher ed.....I think that it's an awesome opportunity that we have in this country, an opportunity that too many of us take for granted. As I was driving to my second school, I vowed that I would only continue with this career if I was only going to be myself. That person that loves talking to students, parents, and teachers.
With my renewed energy, I went to my second school, which was an all-boys school. I was again ready to meet with at most one or two students. The thing about coming out to California to recruit is that I don't expect to get a lot, because my school is all the way in DC, not around the corner from LA. But, I walk into this class room and there are about 30 kids, all seniors, all on their lunch break. It was a great feeling. At the end of my presentation the counselor came up to me to thank me for coming and then the last thing she said was, "you really did an amazing job, and I know that a lot of our kids have a strong interest in your University, after your presentation." That right there made it all worth it. That was me. The person that for some reason I couldn't be that first time around.
I left the school, feeling better then I had in a very long time. I even treated myself to a place called "Pink's Hot Dog's"....supposedly a world famous hot dog place in LA. It was good, had the bacon chili cheese dog.....I couldn't help myself.
After lunch, I made my way to my final school for the day; again it was an all-girl’s school. Unfortunately, there was a mistake on the counseling department and I was left off the schedule. No worries, I talked with the counselor for a minute or two, and then I was on my way.
Overall, I have to say that I now know that this is what I want to do. This, this job, is me and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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TOS said...

Pink's hot dogs??? Haven't you been treating yourself to that all your life?!?!!? LOL woooo hoo, I couldn't resist! sorry the pun was too good!