Sunday, September 18, 2005

LA- day 1

The next two weeks, I'm going to try to write about what one does on the road as a college admissions counsler. Because this is really my first "real" go at it, I think it will help me and maybe others to view my thoughts and preception of this life that I so want. Let's get started.

I got to LA, after what was a bit of a long weekend. The "new guy" came into town and I did not want to live DC nor did I want him to go back to NYC, oh well. Life must go on. So, after getting home at 4am and still needing to pack, me and the "new guy" took a nap...if you can call closing your eyes for 30mins a nap..........and I got up at 6:15am to catch a 8:40 flight out of Dulles. After getting a little lost to the airport out in the cut, I got on the plane and waited for my 5hr. flight to start. I slept, as you can imagine, most of the way out here. I was so tired, I think I saw the guy next to me twice; once when I got on the plane and the other time was when I got off of it. Oh well.
So, I've only been to LA once and that was when I came out here for the Rose Bowl, my sphomore year in it's been a while. I gather my luggage from baggage claim and look for the rent-a-car place. Now you have to understand that any time I travel, I never drive, there are always people who wish to do that, but not this time. So, I found out, that I had to wait for a shuttle to take me the place for a car. Now, because I rented a car, or someone else rented a car for me, from a place called Advantage, I had to wait for sometime before the shuttle came. Which was ok, I had nothing else to do. I decided to come to LA a day early just for reasons like this.
Finally after reaching the car place, it took a bit, note to self (rent from national companies only).....I finally got the car and made my way for the "dangerous" LA freeways. Not so dangerous. I got a little lost trying to find my hotel, which is across the street from the Staples Center. I then decided that I would find out where some of the high schools were that I have to visit tomorrow. For the most part, I think that I will be the only person of color for some miles. A lot of the schools that I visit tomorrow are in very deep hispianc communities. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just think that things will get interesting. We'll have to wait and see I guess. Other then that I stopped and got Jack n the Box, which we have in St. Louis, but I've not found anywhere not knock the tacos, spicy chicken sandwich, and the potatoe wedges.....they are the stuff to die for.
That's about it.....found my way back to the hotel and I decided that I would just stick around the hotel and order room service and read and watch the emmy's......I know totally lame, but I'm really tired after last night and I think a little jet lagged.......until tomorrow.

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