Sunday, September 18, 2005

Here We go

For the next two weeks I'm on a trip for work....that in the end, will take me all over the place; Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. Sitting here in my hotel room, I can hardly believe just three weeks ago I was still temping and wondering what my next move was going to be. I had thought that I really had come to the end of my rope. I had been unemployed for five months and nothing. No job, no one calling for a job, nothing.
The whole time that I was not "working", I kept telling myself that everything happens for a reason. Even though it seemed that I just up and quit my job on the whim of a breath......that may or may not be true.....I did it. And, I knew that the outcome may not be pretty. But, the more that I work at my new job; I have realized that "that", me quitting my job, was one of my defining moments in life.
We all have them, defining moments. The moment in time when we stand up to what ever it is that gives us a headache every night, when we tell ourselves "no more". That moment in life where we refuse to live, the way we did the day before. Everything changes from here on out........ Of course we, you, I, can have a million defining moments. In the end I just think that it's about recognizing those moments as such and not just a casual moment that just happens.
I'm glad that I've had another defining moment in my life. My first, I would have to say, came when I decided I would go to Purdue. I was the first person in my family to go to college, and I knew that in order to do "something" in life, I would have to go to defining moment. The next came when I "came out" and started to tell those close to me that I was gay. I no longer wanted to keep my life a secret, I had another defining moment. The last one has been chronicled just a bit on this blog, so no need to go into detail about that.
So what's my latest defining moment?? I'm ready to be in a relationship......I know that I have written about my relationships....past and present. But, the truth is that every since I met this "new guy", I have realized that I'm ready to stand up once again and live the next day a little different then the previous one. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

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