Friday, August 05, 2005

Glory "days"

So I have to write about this, because I feel like it's too funny not to.

In school I joined a fraternity....proud member of Sigma Nu......anywho, the house had cold air and warm air sleeping rooms. In each room there were a ton of beds bunked together and on any given night you could either hear or see someone having sex. Not always the best way to sleep, with someone above you hitting skins like it was going out of style, but somehow you find a way to get over it and go to sleep. Now, I did this for three years and thought that part of my life would be over after I moved from the house my second semester Sr. year. Not the case at all......
So right now I'm staying with one of my besties, cause I my lease ended and I haven't found a place just yet. Whateve.....he lives in a studio apt. with a pull-out, so it works. Well last nite after I got off of work at 2:30am, I walk home ready to rest my weary eyes and get a good 5hrs. of sleep. I put the key into the door, something inside of me tells me to turn the key slowly just incase my roommie has someone else in there with him. I'm thinking that as soon as I turn the key, if someone is in there with him, he will jump up and come to the door and tell me to take a walk for a bit. Didn't happen. I turn the key rather slowly, but hear nothing, so I think that I'm good. As soon open the door I see a pair of huge feet and a baldhead staring at me. And in that moment I realize that there are three people in the apartment, including me.
My first reaction is to run out of the apartment and pretend as though I have no idea what I just saw. Then as I stand there, like a deer caught in headlights, I tell myself to go to the bathroom and change clothes and leave. I do this in what was probably less then 3min, but seemed like an eternity. As I creep out of the bathroom I hear talking and I realize that all three of us are up. I quickly come out of the bathroom and hunt for my keys and money....where am I going? Who knows, but I do know that I can't stay there, in the studio apt, with my bestie and a man who I think I know. I find my keys and $20 and leave as quickly as I had come in.
As I walking out of the building I hear a door slam and feet running; it's my roommate. He is telling me how he is sorry and that I don't have to leave, but I'm convinced that it's the best thing to do. So I walk out of the apt building and hit the streets. I don't really have any idea where I should go. By this time, it's about 2:40am and a couple of clubs are open, so I tell myself that I will venture down to them to see if it's worth it. All the while, never really thinking that at some point I have to come back to the 2+1 situation. I wonder down to one club and I decide that it's not worth it to go in, so I wander a little bit longer. Around, 3:15am I've decided that I can no longer wander the streets, so I muster up all the courage and tell myself it's just going to be like the frat house; just close your eyes and fall asleep.
I call my roommie and tell him that I have to come home, because I don't have any other place to go, in a drunken state he tells me ok. I walk back into the apartment quickly change and close my eyes so tight that at one point I gave myself a headache. In the end I decided to put my ipod on and fall asleep...the whole time thinking about my frat and all those times that I did the same thing.

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