Friday, April 07, 2006

Get on it.....NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

So....I can't believe that I have not blogged about my favorite show of the year.......FLAVOR OF LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! If you bitches have not seen this is by far the hottest thing to hit TV since My Super Sweet Sixteen ( I live for marathon’s of that show...). It's just as funny and Lard' the people on the show are A.M.A.Z.I.NG to watch. The first season just ended, and you best believe that VH1 was not dumb and def. scooped up a second season of this great show, which starts filming in May.

If you have never seen the show or for some un-Godly reason never heard of it; first, get you ass in front of a tv and be prepared to die from laughter, 2) be prepared for this to suck you in, cause once you see one episode you will want to keep watching.
The basic premise of the show is that Flavor-Flav is in search of a true love. The show starts with 25 women and each week women are booted off until there is only one left....which is suppose to be Flavs true love....too bad, because the woman he chose dumped him real quick....she was just in it for the sake of making a name for herself, which I don't blame her.....granted, I would never stick my tongue in Flavor-Flav's mouth (I just threw up in my mouth, sorry)

Please check this clip will explain why you must watch...

and if you need another reason......

Now that I have added another bit of wisdom to your life......go and watch, you can thank me later

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