Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What to Wear

So.....I need some help. That's enough from the Peanut gallery.......I need help in picking a swim suit for this season and a pair of everyday jeans. This past weekend me and the other half....with friends in tote went shopping. Well, no shopping was really done, instead we looked at some amazing bags that one friend is going to buy, hopefully, and also looked for some jeans. I am currently auditioning for a new pair of everyday jeans. If you know know that I am not one to own a million and one pair of designer jeans. My theory is that I would rather spend $100 or more on shoes, drinks, or food.....I am a fat girl. In fact, I don't really own designer jeans....I have like a couple pair of Levi's, which I love...did you know they are one of few "designer" jeans that come in both a waist and length.
Anywho back to the story......So when I was working for this one teen clothing store right out of college as an asst. bitches, I am not a retail rat....I don't have the mind set to deal with customers.....I love all of you bitches that do though....."better you then me"..... I would get a pretty nice discount plus a few freebies every once in a while. So my jean selection mostly came for this particular store....."why spend mine", like my girl Kim says. In being honest, these jeans fit like a glove, they are made for people who are not the tallest and may or may not have some junk in the trunk.
Well, after some prodding from some mean girls I broke down and bought the Levi’s. Now, after some more prodding from the other half, I have finally broken down and decided that I need a new pair of everyday jeans. You know, the type that aren't too tight, but still show off my assets when I'm at the market. Right know there are two that are in the lead.....


The other item that I'm currently auditioning is a new swimsuit for the summer season. Usually I'm a regular type of swim suit guy....nothing fancy and def. not a speedo. But, this year I want to try something different.....I have to say that I'm pretty happy with my body right now, of course it can use work, but all in all I'm happy with it including my why not show them off....So this is what I want....well I can't find a pic of it...but it's a Diesel number in black, square cut, may or may not be tight....thoughts???


Chuck said...

I am scared of your booty in some boy shorts!

Taylor said...

i'd go with jeans #2 ... much slimmer without being skin tight. i'm not fond of the baggy look anymore unless you need to cover something up.

i have these adriano goldschmeid jeans that i bought at the saks outlet that i love now ... they also have length measurements which i need being a long legged mofo.

Dale said...

A). Congrats on the Jeans!

B). Square cuts are never ok. They make your mid section look boxy, your upper body squat, and your legs like ham hocks because of their death grip on your upper thigh.... speedos don't have this effect and if you're going for the lycra/tight thing why not take the plunge?