Monday, March 06, 2006

And the nominees for Best Picture are.....The Gladiator.

So if you don't get the title of this post...I feel sorry for you. Let's just say, "God Bless Elizabeth Taylor" crazy so-and-so.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the Oscars this year. Of course there were the typical things that make each of us hate them....I mean really, how many movie montages do we need. I'm going to got out on a limb and say NONE. But overall.....I enjoyed them, because this year more then others it seemed like it was ok to not be so serious. I think a huge part of that was John Stewart. My favorite line of last night had to be..... "Martin Scorsese Zero, Three Six Mafia One." So here's my breakdown of the night.

1) Best Dressed had to be either Felicity Huffman or Jessica Alba. I mean, I had no idea that Lynnette could look so hot. As far as Jessica Alba, if I ever wanted to try it with a women again, she would be my first choice.

2) Worst dressed had to be Charlize Theron...what the hell was that airplane pillow doing on her shoulder. It was either a pillow or a fannie pack for her shoulder. Maybe she was carrying her other Oscar in there for good luck...God knows it was big enough.

3) What the hell was that girl thinking in Three-6 Mafia when she hit that last note. Bitch, you are not in "A Rising in the Sun"....and this is certainly not "Dream Girls".

4) I have to say that I'm not surprised or hurt that BrokeBack didn't win Best Picture. It was a awesome movie, yes, but he comes down to what "main-stream" America is more accepting of; Two Gay Cowboys or a movie that is a reflection of America itself. In the end I would also choose the reflection. I am happy that Ang won best director.....because he was. I am sad that Felicity didn't win....but she looked so humbled by the whole experience....I'm sure she will be there again.

So overall....a decent night. Made even better by stuffing my face with all types of good food and good company. So until next year......

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TOS said...

i think her dress was secretly plotting to strangle her when she wasn't looking - it would have been an improvement that is for sure!