Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Hoildays Are Upon Us

So.....OMG the holidays are here!!!!!!!!! I just screamed like a girl.
Once Halloween has passed, all hell will break loose and not stop until New Year's Day. I love this time of year, because there are parties to go to, new outfits to buy, and of course gifts to receive. If you don't know all the holiday that I'm talking is the list. This will be the only time that I name them, so please remember for future reference.

OBVI it's one of my fav holidays, because you get to act a fool and be out in public. Best part is that you can wear a mask and no one will know who you are. See pic below.....

This Halloween got a little out of control with me taking it there....and being Buffalo Bill. GET IT!!!!! I also snuck a peek at NYC biggest Halloween party, The Greenwich Village Halloween parade. Good times over all. But now on to bigger and better things.

2. Birthday Extravaganza.
If you have never been invited then you need to get yourself to a plastic surgeon quick...Because only the pretty are invited to this Birthday BlowOut. It all started when I met this bitch...
Brought herself into my life. Come to find out that her B-day is a day before mine. Hence why we are eternal sisters. DER!

So every years since we have known each other we have spent our b-days in a drunken haze of debauchery and havoc. The celebrations last for what seems like a month and a half but really only last either a week or at least three days...all depending on when our birthdays fall. So this year we will once again celebrate the birth of two of the most AMAZING bitches to ever hit the street in a pair of KILLER FMP'S. All I can tell you is to be aware if you are around and not invited...because somehow you will get swallowed and join in the festivities.

So....from this point all other holiday are normal and still needed. OBVI, b/c you get time off. There is Christmas Eve, Christmas, and of course the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Which btw, I have never really done anything crazy on New Year's Eve. Granted, I've had some great NYE's, but nothing even close to handcuffs, dark rooms, and people I don't know. LOL!!!!! Oh well, we'll see what happens this year.

Again a word to the wise. The days between Nov. 10th-13th, STAY OFF THE STREET!!!!!!!!!

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