Tuesday, July 12, 2005


So......here is where I am.
The job that was offered to me has been pushed back until mid-august. Because I am contracted thru a staffing company, the current company I am at does not want to buy me out of my contract, therefore if they wait until mid-august they won't have to. So the short story is that I will continue working at my current job until mid-august. When that time comes, if they still want me they will offer me the position. So.....basically I'm still without a job. Life sucks...on top of that I'm feeling very shitty today and just want to go back to bed. Oh well.....

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TOS said...

that BLOWS. i too am dying... i hate my job, i just did a 2 day tour of the state of florida and have a 6.5 day meeting (with 16 hour days) in Halifax, NS in August... shoot me please.